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How does the Market Prospect of Digital Printer?

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How does the Market Prospect of Digital Printer?

Development History

The working principle of digital printing is the same as inkjet printers. The history of inkjet printing technology  can date back to 1884. In 1960, inkjet printing technology entered a practical stage. In the 1990s, computer technology became popular. In 1995, a drop-on-demand inkjet digital jet printer appeared. The development of digital printing technology is showing a trend of rising and blooming. The process of digital printing is becoming more and more perfect.

Development Status

In recent years, China's textile printing and dyeing industry has developed at a high speed, and the printing output has also increased simultaneously. At the same time, the fashion cycle of clothing is getting shorter and shorter, and the changing of the patterns are getting faster and faster. The requirements on production are getting higher and higher, the order quantity is getting smaller and smaller, and the pattern piracy is rampant. Although printing companies have developed digital systems such as printing CAD systems, laser imagesetters, flat screens, rotary screen inkjets, and wax-jet netting machines to improve the processing process in traditional printing methods, the concept that a printing and dyeing factory is a polluting factory has been impressive.

Internationally, China's exports of printing and dyeing products are increasingly hindered by "non-trade barriers" including the environment. Technically, digital printing is the best way to solve the problems in the printing field. Digital printing is the printing with digital technology. Digital printing technology is a high-tech product gradually formed with the continuous development of computer technology. Traditional printing is inseparable from the use of flat nets and round nets. However, the cost and time consumed by plate making cannot meet the trend of modern printing in small batches and varieties, so it develops a digital version without pressure. 



At present, the trend of the textile printing market model is that the number of printing orders in small and medium batches is increasing rapidly, while the large number and the plural are gradually shrinking. At the same time, the application for pattern, fineness and character is improved, and the delivery period is shortened. With the increasing demand for printing, the traditional printing industry has to fundamentally innovate, thus there is a large space for the development of digital printing. Digital printing technology is a combination of digital technology and traditional printing and dyeing technology, and is a revolutionary breakthrough in the traditional printing and dyeing industry. In the era of digitalization and networking, digital printing represents the technological development direction of the future printing and dyeing industry.

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